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Sismeek represents the meeting of design, art and watchmaking. Our products are original and personal watches. Behind each one of them there is a story ; firstly the story of an artist, and then the story of a man or a woman.

Man watch, woman watch

Revolutionary, original and innovative, Sismeek has made the challenge of artistic creation. The renewal of the artistic collaborations makes us a brand in perpetual motion. Sismeek designs limited edition watches, so that each man watch, each woman watch can be associated with the identity of each man or each woman, and go along with them in each moment of their lives.

French Innovation

Swiss know-how

Each stage of production is thought to offer a quality watch with impeccable design. Wearing a Sismeek amounts to be differentiated, to approach the expression of time differently, to be associated with a moving French brand. Our watch aims at revolutionizing the codes of traditional watchmaking.

Interchangeable straps

Because Sismeek considers a man watch, a woman watch as a support to design and artistic creation, we developed watches with interchangeable straps. The dial fits with straps of many colors, made of fabric, steel, leather, mesh band, etc.Transform your design watch at any time of the day, a simple push and the strap is changed.