Inspiration and Creation

Each Sismeek watch is the result of a collective effort involving watchmakers, designers and engineers. Together, they combine their talents to create surprising new timeless products.

A pencil, a blank sheet and especially Sismeek’s philosophy; it’s through the hands of the designers Sismeek works with that the faces of our watches, our original works are drawn, Watches that make us enter in a universe of design, timelessness and watchmaking renewal.

At the beginning a sketch, this is the foundation stone of the designer, the creation genesis of a new object - it is the designer’s primary means of expression. The sketch puts into perspective the ideas, emphasizes the function and allows a new concept to emerge laying a foundation for an accurate and careful work. The sketch is a language that allows the designer to give birth to the object. 

Attentive to their age, tastes, trends that characterize it, the designers express their vision of the present and cast their eyes towards the future.

Then comes the work of the watchmaker, the beginning of a thorough job that will help transform the sketch into a technical drawing allowing the object to be shaped and industrialized.

Each piece is developed with a specific 3D software. The materials and the manufacturing techniques are conceived at this stage of the design process.

Once the final drawings are completed and the technical manufacturing drawings are precisely defined, it is possible to switch to the production of prototypes. Then a precise control of each piece is made. It is only after this crucial validation step that we can begin the mass production.

It is a fusion, an alchemy between past, present and future, that characterizes the line, the purity of Sismeek watches.

Leaving the workshops, each original Sismeek is already full of meaning and history. It allows its owner to express a part of himself while joining him with the creative world of the designer.